Friday, April 23, 2010

During our incredible journey adopting our son in Kazakhstan, we have had the great opportunity to meet lots of loving kids and their care-giving families.

While government-provided housing, food and medical needs are taken care of, these families do not have the means to provide for clothes, toys and other fun things that all kids need!

Now imagine all the ‘lonely toys’ sitting idle on store shelves…

Board games collecting dust versus making laughter
Toy cars and dolls in stiff packaging instead of in the arms of a loving child
That princess dress sparkling on a hanger instead of on a little girl

Now we have found a home for all these lonely toys and clothes!
We know all the children at Kids Village will put them to good use.

Please join our efforts in donating for this cause via a cash donation using the PayPal link below.

PayPal link removed.
Thank you for all your support!!!

Cash donations will be used to purchase new toys locally for all children at Kid’s Village.
Cash donations only please due to limited luggage restrictions and shipping costs.
Kids Village currently houses around 75 loving boys and girls; ages 5 to 18 years old.


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